There used to be lots of sparkling white sand on the banks of the tank near our house. The water was also shallow. This place was close to the surplus weir. In the Ramanthapur Village, there were many to Golla or Yadav community people living. Dairy was their primary occupation. With the abundant grass cultivated on the banks of Musi river, the dairy was a flourishing activity. In every house with a compound, they used to have a large number of buffalos and few cows. Every house had a bullock cart. They used to organize sometimes the fight between the bulls. It was always organized in the foreshore area of the tank on the sand. Suddenly they used to announce the bull fights, and all the people used to gather around within minutes. Small children and women used to climb on to the tank bund to have a safer and clear view. The bulls are well fed and groomed. It is a feast to look their muscular body and stature. They used to lure the bulls into the fight by introducing a buffalo in between them. The bulls used to take some time to get into the fight. Maybe they are assessing how worth the introduced buffalo is to get into the fight. They used to take some time and go staring each other and going in rounds. And suddenly they used to get into the fight. The bull fight used to be short for a few minutes always less than 30 minutes, at the end the loosing bull used to run away at a very high speed charged by the winning bull. The bulls used to go back into village knocking people and bicycles on the way. The bulls were followed by cheering crowds and the owners to catch and stop their bulls. Especially, in the village, the lanes were narrow, and it was very dangerous to everyone. The fight between the bulls served the purpose of selecting the competent bull for animal husbandry and progeny. It was entertaining for the people, and the people also used to bet. This place was hardly 100 meters from our home. Such kind of bull fights are rare to see; the bulls have no place to live. With artificial insemination, it is uncommon to find those beautiful bulls. In the animal husbandry world, the males have less scope and chance to live and contribute.

Photo: Source Associated Press, India.

Most of the fights among males in mammals are common over a female or a group of females. It is the natural selection process for improving the qualities of progeny. In human beings, it goes beyond, and every male competes through wealth, education, class, race, religion, place of origin, etc.

Note: I personally dont support the bull fights or any animal fights which are created for the entertainment of man.