This blog is about the experiences, understanding and efforts to bring change by Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka.

The rationale of a person born on this earth is related to this earth alone. All the happiness and emotions of a person are pertinent in the context of earth alone. If one wants to take rebirth, the possibility is earth only. It is beyond the imagination of people being born again on some other planet. There are two imaginary worlds that is heaven and hell. Better than the earth is heaven and worst than the earth is hell. What is known and can be experienced presently is being with earth. “Being with earth”, is a compilation of memories, experiences and contributions of the author for being on this earth.

Every person does something by being. Being has some meaning if one strives for values. Striving for change in time is required as some values also change due to changed conditions. Therefore “Being with Earth” and “Strive for Change” is required in everyone for leading a complete and meaningful life.